Gail Silverman AKA G.

Singer, Songwriter, and a Truly Fierce Femme!


As front women for NYC based rock band G-spot for almost 15 years, G. has a reputation for being a sexy siren, with a spiritual twist. She is known for commanding her audience’s attention by juxtaposing her sassy wit & naked vulnerability, her magnetism & enlightenment, her wrath & passion, with a no-holds barred delivery of emotion.


Although sometimes she still goes back to her angry girl rock roots, her solo releases "There is Light" and “Here I Am” continued her exploration of consciousness in an increasing complex and challenging world.  Don't miss her music video, "Fix Me" which takes you through a hilarious litany of methods one can try in their search for ways to get to that place of “being fixed”. From yoga to guru’s, therapy, cleansing, acupuncture, Reiki, 12 steps and more, offering the viewer a giggle and sense of hilarity with each experience.


With G-spot, she released two CD’s to rave reviews and also caught the attention of the Film & TV industry. The title track of “Come Here, Go Away” was featured on A&E’s Rollergirls, her songs Revolutionary & Even the Mighty Fall were in the independent feature film, "Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy". The song Happy Denial was also licensed on cable TV.

G's diverse combination of talents, singer – songwriter, yoga teacher and marketing consultant make for an interesting perspective! Her solo recordings showcase a softer side, but she still always delivers her own unique fierce and quirky style; sometimes introspective, often tongue-in-cheek, always taking the listener on a thought-provoking journey, filled with surprises!


G plays occasionally plays shows but recently is more focused on songwriting and collaborating with others and exploring new genres and perspectives. She hopes to be able to bring her experience and talent into more commercial songwriting efforts as well as sync placements in film & TV.


G. is also the Founder of the Girls Rock & Girls Rule, an organization that was dedicated to creating exposure for women in hard rock. (girlsrockgirlsrule.com)